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Play Environment Consulting Pty Ltd aims to heighten awareness of the importance of young children's play and the play facilities which support effective play. Underpinning our work is recognition that play is integral to childhood and has a pivotal role in helping develop and fully expand the range of children's skills.

To meet these objectives, Play Environment Consulting Pty Ltd designs play facilities within:

Playgrounds are alot more than just fixed equipment.

  • early childhood services covering preschools, kindergartens, long daycare, multi-purpose centres
  • schools particularly for the early years of schooling
  • public play spaces covering small regional parks or community facilities
  • whole-of-shire recreational Development Control Plans

Established in 1988 (with a name change in 1992), Play Environment Consulting Pty Ltd offers planning and design advice for sites, buildings and playgrounds.

What are the settings which ignite children's interest, enjoyment and learning through play?

The company has been involved in the design of over 2,000 facilities throughout Australia and overseas. The work is individually tailored to the user's needs and covers new facilities, evolution of existing facilities and interpretation guidelines for proposed developments.

Prue Walsh is the central consultant, although she works with other specialist professionals such as architects and town planners. Her focus is the establishment of interesting, stimulating and varied play options within playspaces which are open-ended, safe, robust and developmentally appropriate.

Learning through play
can also be fun

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